Friday, February 05, 2010

How Deep Is The Pool?

VivaKi has a new initiative called Pool.

One would imagine that they called it that because it was a way for brilliant minds to pool their thoughts and come up with breakthroughs in regards to advertising on the digital platform.

After 16 months of testing, the first so-called breakthrough was announced: Consumers like to select the advertising they have to sit through online before watching the content they actually want to watch.

In other words, consumers would prefer to be given a choice of commercials rather than just having commercials run.

According to one VivaKi executives who oversees the initiative, “The Pool demonstrates the power of industry collaboration to identify more efficient solutions and more effective ways to interact with people.”

If this is the result of the power of industry collaboration in action, the industry is in serious trouble.

Let’s not forget that VivaKi charges publishers hefty sums to participate in the project.

Which probably better identifies the real reason why the initiative is called Pool.

It’s a way for VivaKi to pool large amounts of income without actually delivering anything of value.

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