Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Watching TV Commercials Will Shorten Your Life

An Australian study recently reported that every hour spent sitting idle in front of the television raises the risk of premature death by 18 percent.

Since an hour of TV programming usually includes around 20 minutes of advertising, it’s hard not to assume that advertising is accountable for a portion of these deaths.

Those who spent four hours in front of the tube had an 80% greater risk of dying from cardiovascular disease than those who watched the box for less than two hours.

In the U.S., average television viewing time is as much as eight hours a day.

Of course, if you watch TV on a DVR, you probably fast-forward through the commercials. Which means an hour of programming is consumed in forty minutes. Eight hours of TV can be watched in five and a half hours.

Does this mean that using a DVR will not only allow you to time-shift programming, but also death?

How long before TiVo asks the Surgeon General to become their spokesperson?

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