Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Content Versus Control. And The Winner Is?

The recent news out of TiVo is that 83% of those who watch Mad Men in a timeshifted mode, fast-forward through the advertising. The genre’s benchmark is 73%.

South Park viewers showed a similar affinity to fast forwarding through commercials with 66%, compared to a genre average of 55%.

According to Todd Junger, Vice President and General Manager, TiVo Audience Research and Measurement, “The most beloved programs are often subject to the highest degree of timeshifting and commercial avoidance.”

Doesn’t sound particularly promising does it?

It used to be that if you created great programming that brought in viewers you were golden. Not any more.

What’s the answer? To create average programming that attracts fewer viewers? Some will no doubt suggest this.

Then again, why don’t we just find a way to deliver advertising that doesn’t interrupt the viewing of the program?

Because then the critics will say, no one will watch the advertising.


But if 83% are already skipping the commercials, then it seems to me that no one is currently watching the advertising.

So, where's the downside in trying?

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