Monday, November 02, 2009

Should Consumers Also Choose The CMO?

Now that PepsiCo is turning the selection of an agency for its new product launch over to consumers, the ultimate question has to be, why stop there?

Why not allow consumers to also choose the Chief Marketing Officer on the client side?

The current (but perhaps, not for long) director-marketing of Mtn Dew implied as much when he said, “If we’re going to have a dialogue with consumers and have consumers play a role in dictating the future of our brands, they’ve got to play a role in all aspects of it.”

Well, the selection of a CMO is currently an important aspect in dictating the future of any brand, isn’t it?

So, how about it? Put together a list of potential CMO’s, have each do a video interview explaining why they think they are right for the job, put the videos online, and then let the consumers decide.

It makes as much sense as having the consumer choose the agency.

The director-marketing of Mtn Dew explained the decision by saying, “It lets us get an interesting and unique perspective on the brand from people that aren’t living and breathing it every day.”

With logic like that, one has to consider that even allowing the consumer to choose the CMO isn’t going far enough.

Maybe the answer is to have the consumer actually be the CMO. In other words, put all marketing decisions up to a vote.

Now, that would truly be, as they so cutely put it at Mtn Dew, Dewmocracy.

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