Friday, November 06, 2009

Once Again, The Experts Are Wrong

It’s worth noting that you if check out the ten most popular viral videos this week, only three are thirty seconds in length. 

How long are the other seven?  Take a look.


The so-called experts have been telling us that commercials will have to be shorter to be effective online. Something about online viewers' attention spans.  And that because viewers are in control, they will opt out of long commericals.

Obviously, the experts have forgotten the power of a story well told.

The thing about control is this.  Viewers don't like pre-roll because it eliminates the control they have over the commercial.

What we're finding out is that viewers don't mind opting-in if they know they can opt-out when they want to.

In other words, they don't mind investing time in a commerical if they control the time invested.

What makes them stay longer?


Sorry, experts.

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