Friday, May 22, 2009

Fox Remote-Free TV, Redux

Awhile back, Fox launched, with big fan-fare, what they called Remote-Free TV.

At the time, we mentioned that it wouldn't work.

Now Fox seems to be agreeing, as they're limiting its use. According to Jon Nesvig, president of sales for Fox Broadcasting Company, "We are not giving up completely on 'Remote-Free TV.' We are going to use it strategically and potentially on a number of different shows over the course of the season."

Strategically? Yeah, right.

Now they're offering something called "Alive Air." According to Fox executives, "it's a commitment to add spontaneous elements, original elements throughout our schedule to keep the engagement up throughout the commercial pods."

The chances of this working?

Even lower than Remote-Free TV.

That said, you have to find the name interesting — "Alive Air."

Guess Fox is implying that the air is dead when commercials run in the space.

Wonder if "Alive Air" will cost more than "Dead Air?"

I know, stupid question.

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